Replacing a shingle roof is important if you have detected leaks or you can see that you have shingles that are curling or cracked. Although it is a costly expense, a shingle roof replacement can increase the value of your house, its curb appeal and even lower your home insurance premiums since a new roof wonít have to be replaced soon.

Itís important not to take shortcuts when you replace your roof shingles. Some contractors will offer to shingle over your old roof at a more attractive price but this can be a costly and unattractive mistake. Your roof, instead of being an attractive crown for your home, will appear heavy and strange. Furthermore, any mold or algae that might have gained a hold under the shingles of your roof will stay there undiscovered to grow and damage your shingles and the deck of your roof.

Donít forget that a shingle roof replacement is a good opportunity to install skylights if youíve been thinking about that. Itís also an excellent time to replace metal flashing if you have not done so as well as having your gutters inspected for wear and corrosion. You may even want to take this chance to have gutter screen installed or damaged soffit replaced.