The following points cover the installation procedures we feel are necessary for a professional—and long lasting—quality roof system.

1. Removal vs. Recovering over Existing Shingles
Removal of existing shingles is always recommended. Doing so ensures that the new shingles lay as flat as possible. Manufacturers strongly urge the procedure to ensure full warranty protection. Recovering the roof may cause the new shingle to form or mould to the contour of the original shingle roof—Which can cause water to travel sideways as well as down. This in turn can promote a leak that would not otherwise occur.

2. The Vapour Barrier
Once the shingles are stripped off and all the debris cleared from the roof and eaves-trough, eave underlayment is installed. There are several options to choose from, depending on the design and slope of the roof. The minimum underlay as per the Ontario Building Code is 25 lb. Glass Base Sheet. (Ask your representative about other underlay upgrades) Coverage is based on distance of the eave-projection.

3. Installation
All shingles are not the same when it comes to installation procedure. We follow the recommended procedure as per the manufacturer. This also ensures that your warranty is kept in good standing.

4. Ventilation
Air flow is essential to the performance of your roofing system. Insufficient ventilation can and will promote condensation in the colder winter months—and prevent hot air from exiting in the summer months—which can cause premature aging and deterioration of the new shingles and the wood deck. Dura flo air vents are 75 sq. inches in vented area, constructed of P. V. C. to withstand damaging U. V. light rays. Our vents are designed with a bird and rodent resistant screening. Venting is calculated by area and must be brought up to Ontario Building Code standards to ensure full warranty protection. Vents are available in 7 colours. OPTION: (Clear available for garage areas to allow extra light)

5. Valleys
Our 26 Gauge pre-painted steel Valley are installed at a 24” width with a 36” width of base sheet underlay. We expose the pre-painted metal surface and taper cut our shingles to allow for water drainage—Exposed metal surface helps shed snow and ice from the valley areas. The steel is hot-dipped zinc coated with a baked enamel surface to better inhibit corrosion and U. V. light damage.

6. Flashing Systems
Our 26 Gauge pre-painted steel Wall flashing are an essential component of your roofing system. Loose or poorly fit flashing will not only promote leakage but can affect the aesthetic appearance of your home. All step flashings are replaced in conjunction with the counter flashing. Replacement flashing are “Custom” made to fit and anchored with a lead plug . Again, a wide variety of colours are available.

7. Sealant
We use only Supra Expert Thermoplastic caulking. sealant on all flashings, nail-heads, skylights and other essential roof components.

8. Clean-up
After each workday a thorough clean-up of the site is performed, a sweep of the perimeter with a magnetic broom picks up loose nails and metal off-cuts. Advanced Roofing (Ontario ) Ltd has taken the forefront in recycling, with up to 90% of our job-debris being reused—Because of the lack of land fill space, helping preserve the environment!

9. Plywood or Wood Damage
With many roof decks in the past 22 years being constructed with 3/8” plywood, in some cases extensive replacement is required at an additional cost to the quotation. During most estimates or inspections our estimators can indicate to the homeowner about roof deck damage. But in some cases because of certain circumstances (ie: Two layers hide the true severity) Part of or the entire roof deck has to be replaced.