Before you get a new roof or repairs to an existing roof you will want to get estimates from a few different contractors. The cost of replacing your roof depends on the experience of the workers, the cost of the materials and how long the job will take.

Materials are very important when replacing your roof. Most roofs will last about 20 years but you can spend a little more and get shingles that last a lifetime with a limited lifetime warranty. When you think of the cost of replacing your roof every 15 years and add it up, lifetime shingles make a lot of sense.

The size of your roof, as well as its shape, are elements figured into the estimate. A gently sloped Gable roof will take less time and effort than a steeply sloped Mansard or Gambrel roof. If there is damage beneath the underlayment such as a rotting deck, this will add to the cost of your new roof. You may need repair or replacement of fascia and flashing; there are a lot of elements that need to be considered when replacing or repairing a roof.