Re-roofing your house can be inconvenient and many people dread it simply because they don’t know what to expect. They may hear commercials that emphasize the insecurity of having “strangers” on their property; these ads are meant to make them fearful and stressed. But the truth is that re-roofing your home can be fast, done well and with a minimal impact on your life and your privacy.

Once you choose a contractor the site supervisor will introduce himself and speak with you about any concerns you might have. He or she will explain what the workers will be doing and what you can expect in the way of noise or traffic. If you have any concerns as the job is being done the supervisor will be one to handle it.

There will be several vehicles outside your home along with a dumpster to hold the debris that comes from your roof. You will hear electric and pneumatic tools and hand tools being used in the process. The re-roofing, depending on how big an area is to be done, may take a few days but the workers will finish as soon as possible without cutting corner or sacrificing quality. A good roofing crew will also take care not to destroy landscaping and will take care to leave no debris in your yard.