Metal flashings are not something most people notice or think about but they are very important to the integrity of your roof and your entire house. Flashings protect your house from leaks at places where the roof joins a wall and you’ll notice it around the base of your chimney, too. It is also placed around any pipes that may be on your roof. Many metal flashings come in different colors to help it blend better with your roof.

Aluminum flashing is very common because it won’t rust or corrode. Valley metal is used often on cedar shakes and other thick roofing or where a rustic look is wanted. It also comes in different colors. Flashing can also be made of copper, painted galvanized steel, stainless steel or zinc alloy.

Improperly installed metal flashing can result in water damage and mold. This is why it’s very important that your roofing contractor is experienced with a good record of satisfied customers. Glance at your flashing from the ground every so often and inspect your attic or crawlspace periodically for leaks, especially if you have a chimney. If you find evidence of water intrusion you may not need a new roof, just repairs to the flashing.