Gutters, also called eaves troughs, are often taken for granted but without them significant damage would be done to your home. Gutters runaround the house just below the roof, catching the rain that falls off the roof and channeling it to downspouts. Those downspouts dispose of the rain away from the foundation of the house, preventing the water from pooling up and softening the ground. Continuous moisture at the foundation of your house can contribute to settling, distorting the main frame of the house and weakening it.

Gutters can be made of aluminum, lead, steel and even stone. Many gutters these days are made of plastic, a material that won’t rust or rot and comes in many different colors so that the gutters blend in with the color of your house.

You might want to get screen for your gutters so that you don’t have to do the regular chore of cleaning out leaves and other debris that can cause them to clog. Cleaning the gutters can be a dangerous job, as any job involving a ladder and heights can be. Gutter screens are inexpensive and a great investment for your home. Clogged cutters can allow rainwater to pool up under the roof and seep into the fascia, thus into your home’s inner walls. The damage to your house can be significant and quite costly.